Telling tails

Skinks are one of the largest group of lizards, with over 3000 species. They look similar to true lizards, but often they have a more snake like appearance. Many species have long snakelike bodies with no pronounced necks, and they often have pretty small limbs. Some species have barely any legs at all (like for […]

Happy world penguin day!

To celebrate the world penguin day I present to you the macaroni penguin! Never heard of it before? Well that’s strange, considering that they are the most numerous penguin species in the world, with 18 million individuals. Their number have however decreased pretty rapidly since the 70’s, so they are still classified as threatened. The […]

The most complex animal on earth

Radiolab, my favourite popular science podcast, recently published an episode called “cellmates”, where they explain how life on earth went from being populated only by simple microscopic organisms to being filled with the complex, multicellular beings that surround us today. It’s quite a remarkable story, and I really recommend listening to the story, but here’s […]

Fashionable animals

  For anyone who’s ever been told that using makeup is “not natural”, there might be some comfort in knowing that we humans are not the only animals who use tricks to improve our appearance. In this post you will learn about three animals who decorate themselves in different ways- and for different reasons. Greater […]

The friendly octopus

“Octokisses” by Anna-Karin Bergkvist 2016. Watercolour on paper. In the 2010 discovery documentary “Aliens of the deep sea”, the narrator questions why octopuses, despite being highly intelligent, yet has not evolved to become as (or more) intelligent as humans. As the title of the documentary suggests, octopuses are so different from us that they are […]

The beginning

On my first birthday my father gave me a toy frog. Using my, at that time, somewhat limited imagination I named it “Grodis” (Froggy) and all through my childhood I would carry it with me wherever I went. (In fact, I still carry it with me, although somewhat more discreetly these days. The current home […]